• Aeronautical Ground Lighting Systems
  • Runway Lighting
  • Taxiway Lighting
  • Movement Area Guidance Signs
  • TVASIS systems
  • Airport Lighting Equipment Rooms
  • Apron Lighting
  • Illuminated Wind Indicators
  • Runway Guard Lighting
  • Hold Point Systems
  • Wig Wag Lighting
  • Routine based maintenance and repairs.


Airfield Ground Lighting maintenance works, Sydney Airport.
These ongoing works include:

installation of temporary runway ends for asphalt resheet works;
the relocation of PAPI system to suit temporary runway ends for Runway 34L;
the installation of runway lighting switching unit to suit the shortened runway;
the installation of LAHSO lighting;
repair works to Movement Area Guidance Signs;
maintenance of Runway 07-25 approach light system;
the reinstatement of ground lighting to suit asphalt pavement works;
the removal of redundant cabling on Runway 07-25 for salvage works;
the relocation of runway edge lighting to suit the extended blast shoulders;
the relocation of primary and secondary cabling to suit project works; and
the installation of optic fibre to the Airport Lighting Equipment Room.
Airfield Ground Lighting maintenance works, Richmond RAAF Base.
These works include weekly maintenance of the following:

runway edge lights;
runway threshold lighting;
marker signage lighting;
PAPI lighting;
IWI lighting;
Approach lighting;
Obstruction lighting;
Sequential flasher unit;
Taxiway lighting; and
Apron lighting.
Contract No. 00608, Eastern Airport Lighting Equipment Room.
Client: Sydney Airport Corporation Contact: Warren Lavis/ Denis Rogan
Works Includes:

11000 volt HV reticulation;
HV substation installation;
Fibre optic sub ducting, 1.4 kilometres;
Civil excavation works;
pavement sub-base installation and two coat seal;
boring under roadway;
rainwater runoff drainage system Runway 25;
underground duct system and associated cabling;
installation of primary cable feeder cables.
Installation of main switchboard;
Installation of link panels;
Installation of CCRs;
Installation of smoke detectors and Vesda units;
Installation of communications equipment and connection to SCADA network, including programming.
Installation of standby 450KVA generating system.

Contract: Runway 16L/34R and Taxiway Tango Resheet
Value: $2,050,750.00

Demolish existing AGL ground lighting system prior to asphalt works and make good
Reinstatement of all airfield ground lighting within the Runway and Taxiways of Runway 16L/34R and Taxiway Tango.

Contract: Taxiway Intermediate Hold Point Lighting
Value: $822,530.00
Client: Sydney Airport Corporation Limited Contact: Kevin Langford

Installation of secondary field circuit cables and duct.
Installation of shallow based canisters and associated light fittings.
Demolition of existing airfield ground lighting.
The removal of redundant line marking.